Is Algebra 2 Hard? | How to Make it Easier in 3 Steps

by | Jun 6, 2024

For many students, math is their most difficult subject. Beginning in Middle School, students are exposed to more and more advanced mathematic concepts. Many students begin taking pre-algebra in 7th or 8th grade! High school is when these concepts are taken to the next level with Algebra 1 taken in 9th grade, geometry in 10th grade, and Algebra 2 in 11th grade. So that leads us to the topic at hand… Is Algebra 2 hard?

Is Algebra 2 Hard?

The short answer to the question is that it depends. Like the name of the subject implies, Algebra 2 builds upon concepts and lessons learned in both Algebra 1 and Geometry. If you found yourself struggling in Algebra 1, then you may have a harder time with Algebra 2. It is important to note that there are other factors at play that can increase or decrease a student’s difficulty in Algebra 2. These factors can be:

  • Teaching Model
  • The Teacher
  • The Curriculum
  • The Learning Environment

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While not an exhaustive list, each one of these factors can drastically impact the student’s learning experience. Not every student is the same either! Each student has preferences on the type of teacher, learning environment, curriculum, and more! The national library of medicine conducted a study to see how different environmental factors impact the student learning experience. There was an interesting statement quoted below:

Several students also said that having smaller class sizes helped them to do well in their courses. The extra attention encouraged them to perform better academically, increased their engagement with their material, and made them feel more comfortable in asking for help.

This is interesting, because most public and many private high schools have larger classroom settings. These settings can range anywhere from 20 to even 30 students at one time! Once again, the learning environment is just one of many factors that can make learning Algebra 2 difficult, but it’s easy to understand why such a rigorous course can appear so difficult in these larger classroom environments.

How to Make Algebra 2 Easier

Now that we’ve answered the question of ‘is algebra 2 difficult’, let’s discuss some ways that you can make the course easier for yourself. So let’s start with solution 1:

1. Consider a Smaller School/Environment

This is obviously a big change and decision to make. By no means am I trying to say this is an easy thing to do, but there’s a number of reasons why this could be the choice for you. From the study mentioned above, many students find themselves doing better academically in a smaller classroom setting. Larger schools present a problem where too many students are in one classroom at one time. This can drastically decrease student attention rates. In many cases students can feel the pressure of a ‘sink or swim’ environment.

I’d only recommend this option if you find yourself having difficulties in other classes. Generally the indication for that being is that students feel they are unable to do well in their current learning environment period. Private schools such as The Tenney School, offer a small, one-to-one learning environment, where students are able to get the most individualized education possible! This may be the route to go if this situation is something you relate to.

2. Meet With Your Future Algebra 2 Teacher

If Algebra 2 is one of your only classes your concerned about taking, it can help immensely to sit down and talk with that teacher. It not only helps eases your concerns about taking the class, but also goes a long way in making you look like a diligent student. The following questions are all good to ask:

  • What’s the course like?
  • How many hours of homework should I expect per week?
  • As someone who maybe struggles with Algebra or Math, what can I do to prepare for you class?

Each of these questions should help ease you into the classroom while allowing you to get to know you teacher.

3.  Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the best ways to combat any course that you find difficulty with. The most important factor for tutoring is to invest into it before it’s ‘too late’. Many students wait to get a tutor until they’re already doing poorly in a course. While a tutor can assist them with getting out of this academic hole, it’s better to engage in tutoring preemptively. What I mean by this, is that you should look into getting a tutor with standing appointments prior to having difficulties in a course.

A tutor is most effective when they can identify areas of weakness before they begin impacting your grades. Getting a tutor at the start of the academic year and continuing to have weekly appointments is a great way to ease your anxiety about Algebra 2. I highly recommend looking into our online tutors here at TenneyTutors! We offer private school teachers who are specially trained in a one-to-one environment, meaning you’re getting the best possible tutoring experience from the comfort of home!

You Got This!

With these 3 tips, you’ve got all the tools necessary to make your experience in Algebra 2 as easy as possible! As always, if you have your own recommendations for preparing, write them in the comments below. We always love hearing what our reader have to say!


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