5 Reasons to Get an Online Math Tutor

by | Dec 7, 2023

For many students, math is the most difficult subject in school. The consideration of tutoring crosses many minds of students as concepts become increasingly more difficult. When considering the choices of tutoring, the options seem endless with the two primary methods being in person and online tutoring. Many stop and assume that in person tutoring is the best option but I want to discuss 5 reasons why an online math tutor is actually better than an in person one!

1. Affordability

Many tutors charge higher rates for in person tutoring than the online counter parts. While the reasoning for this is often stated as in person tutoring being of higher quality, this isn’t actually the case. It comes down to the environment in which the student learns best in. Many students feel uncomfortable learning in a foreign environment and prefer the comfort of their own home. While in person tutoring is available for this situation, many tutors charge a premium fee for this type of service. An online math tutor resolves this issue as the student can learn from anywhere while the fee for tutoring is much more affordable. Moreover, in a post COVID world, more and more students are comfortable in the online learning space. This type of tutoring is perfect for this student while dropping the barrier of entry as well.

2. Accessibility

It’s no surprise that online tutoring is more accessible to a wider audience. Many students are limited with in person tutoring options in many areas of the world. A solution to this is online tutoring which allows students to engage with their students from anywhere! Math tutors  are also some of the hardest tutors to find with limited availability when considering in person tutoring. Online tutoring solves this by allowing both tutors and students to learn and teach from anywhere.

3. Learn From Anywhere

This leads us into reason 5, the ability to learn from anywhere. Online tutoring affords the luxury for the student to learn from anywhere! Whether you’re at home or on the go, online tutoring is able to accommodate your lifestyle. There’s no commute, and student can immediately jump in and out of lessons. An added benefit is being able to connect with your tutor outside of sessions. Have a quick question from your homework? You can message your tutor through our TEAMs portal and get answers quickly. If it’s a more complicated question and the schedule permits, the tutor may even be able to hop on a quick call to verbally explain things to you.

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4. Access to High Quality Tutors

Online tutoring also allows access to higher quality tutors. Here at TenneyTutors, all of our tutors are real private school teachers! Our online tutoring format allows students from anywhere in the country to access teachers that are high quality and rival a private school learning experience! It’s also great if you want to try out a private school learning experience without breaking the bank. Our tutors are teachers at both our in person and online private school: The Tenney School and Tenney School Live respectively. If you’re considering the possibility of trying a private school, this is the best way to get your feet wet!

5. Session Recordings

For many students, 1 hour is not enough time to digest higher-level concepts. A online math tutor can record tutoring sessions for later review by the student’s request. This is a great way for students to recap any lessons and concepts that they may be struggling with outside of the tutoring session. It’s great reference material too when students are studying for finals or tests! Additionally, it can help students with asking better questions during their next tutoring session. If they review the material thoroughly, they’ll have a better understanding of parts they’re confused about and can ask better questions for clarification.

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Here at TenneyTutors we pride ourselves on our online tutoring excellence. Our tutors are real private school teachers that are experts in their subject areas. This is some of the best tutoring available and you can access it from anywhere! If you’re considering an online math tutor, we highly recommend you check out our scheduling page for a full list of subjects!


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