Gifted Students Thrive in Individualized Environments: Here’s Why

by | Jun 21, 2023

It can be difficult to determine how to accommodate your gifted child. As a parent, you might be contemplating whether or not they need to be integrated into an individualized learning environment. When it comes down to it, there are many benefits to enrolling your gifted student in an individualized learning environment. Here is why it’s imperative to do so:

Your Student Will Be More Engaged

Gifted students who are forced to remain in a regular education classroom will likely be bored and disinterested. When this happens, students often fall behind in schoolwork because they have a hard time paying attention to the tasks at hand. Although it might seem like gifted students would excel in regular education classrooms, they won’t. They won’t be able to give the material their undivided attention. Think about it this way: if you sit through a class session full of material that you’re already proficient in, your mind will likely wander.

This is what happens to gifted children in regular education classrooms. So, it’s important that gifted students are put in classrooms that teach material that is at the gifted student’s level. When the student has learning material that they don’t know, they’re going to be much more focused on learning. This benefits the child in the long run.

Smaller Class Sizes

Unfortunately, students have a more difficult time learning when they’re in a large class. When the class size is large, there’s a bigger chance that other students are going to have behavioral issues. The teacher is going to have to give their attention to other students and your student will be left behind. To avoid large class sizes, gifted students should be enrolled in a more intimate individualized learning environment.

A gifted student who is placed in an individualized learning environment will have the privilege of having a smaller class size. This means the teacher will be able to give more attention to your student. Students benefit when they get one-on-one time with the teacher, and gifted students especially benefit from this. Your students can ask rigorous questions and get feedback from the instructor without the distractions that come with large class sizes.

Your Student Can Move at Their Own Pace

As we’ve mentioned, gifted students tend to move at their own pace. They often complete their work faster than their peers. In traditional classrooms, students have to follow the pacing that the entire class adheres to. However, when your student is enrolled in an individualized learning environment, they’re going to be able to go as fast as they please.

This way, your student will work through as much material as they’re capable of, and if there’s a topic that is a little bit more challenging for your gifted child, they’ll be able to slow down to work through the subject, too. Learning works best when it’s at the student’s pace, and an individualized learning environment can provide your student with just that.

Your Student’s Self-Image Will Improve

Students deserve to be praised for doing a good job in school. Placing your gifted student in an individualized learning program will reinforce to your student that they’re doing well and thriving. This will positively impact their self-esteem which will lead to more success in the long run.

Gifted children are more likely to experience feelings of depression and anxiety, so they must be aware of the fact that their achievements are impressive and worth celebrating. An individualized learning environment will provide your gifted student with the proper attention and encouragement that they need to succeed.

Gifted Students Belong at The Tenney School

At The Tenney School, we believe that each student deserves a learning environment that will help them thrive. So, if you have a gifted student who is in need of an individualized learning program, we can help. For more information, contact us.


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