Homeschool High School Curriculum Resources for Your Student

by | Feb 6, 2024

When considering a homeschool high school curriculum, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For many parents, even deciding on what materials and resources that are needed is hard to find with the amount of online resources. So before we get started lets kick off the list with some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is homeschooling?

    • Homeschooling is the practice of teaching your student from the comfort of home. This allows the parent to dictate the pace and instruction of the curriculum that the student will be learning. This can either be a planned curriculum that is bought from a service and taught by the parent, or a purely personal curriculum made up by the parent.
  • Is homeschool high school curriculum better than a typical high school?

    • Ultimately this depends on the student. Each student learns at a different pace and has preferences for their learning style. A typical high school isn’t always the best choice and homeschooling can be an effective alternative for this type of student. It’s important as the parent and teacher to lean into the student’s learning style so they remain motivated and driven to complete their work.
  • How do I homeschool legally?

    • This is a tough one to answer because each state has their own requirements! It’s important to look at what your state requires for a homeschool high school curriculum to make sure the credits your student earns are deemed legitimate.
  • Are virtual school a better choice?

    • Once again this comes down to how the student learns and their learning preferences. Not every student learns in a remote/virtual setting so it’s important to consider how they’d feel about it. If a virtual school is something your considering, check out our online private school: Tenney School Live!
  • How do you know what your child’s learning style is?

    • There’s many different learning styles to include: standard, relaxed, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and much more! Each type has an approach to a learning style that’s a little bit different. It’s important to consider what type of student your child is and what their preferences are.

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Homeschool High School Resources

Now that we’ve covered some of the frequently asked questions of new parent-teachers, lets cover some homeschool high school resources. It’s important to note that not all of these resources are necessary to be successful. Even implementing and using just one of these resources is a great way to get started and see an improvement to your curriculum!

Teaching Styles

Discovering your teaching style is one of the most important things you can do for your homeschool high school curriculum. It’s an ever evolving process and consists of many different types of styles. Some of the most common types are:

  • Delegator
    • This style focuses more on group work. This is great if you’re homeschooling multiple students and are looking for them to figure things out on their own. Granted it’s done through guided lessons. Putting the students into small groups and asking them to solve worksheets together is a great way to establish collaboration among them.
  • Facilitator
    • So for this teaching style, it’s important to foster a ‘self-taught’ mentality. You allow the student to learn and complete assignments on their own which instills a sense of responsibility and independence. This is especially great for students who are looking to go to college after graduating their homeschool program as it closely mimics a typical college learning experience.
  • Demonstrator
    • This is the most common and familiar type of teaching style. In this style, parent-teachers maintain an authority presence over the learning of material. This means the parent-teacher will spend time teaching formal lessons to the student, issuing exercises, etc.

Independent Educational Consultant

An independent educational consultant is a great resource to look into if you’re looking for more tailored guidance with your curriculum. They will work with you and your student to figure out the best possible learning and teaching style that benefits your student. They are great at broadening the resources available and are also good at planning routes post graduation for your student. I highly recommend checking out the Independent Educational Consultants Association for more info! 


While not every homeschool high school curriculum will use textbooks, it’s important to highlight some of the most popular options. Many students feel comfortable and a sense of familiarity when they work through a textbook. All of the following are great textbook manufacturers to consider for your program:

To Conclude

While we covered some of the most common types of resources, there are plenty of others out there worth researching. While we’re at it, we highly recommend considering a tutor to help reinforce concepts learned during their homeschooling program. Here at TenneyTutors we make it easy to schedule and allow students to connect with their teachers remotely! This is the perfect supplement to a homeschool high school curriculum and gives the student diversity in their instruction. The best part about it is that all of our tutors are professional, one-to-one private school teachers! This means your getting the best instruction possible at a low price! Check out our scheduling page here.


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