How a Writing Tutor Can Help Your Middle-Schooler Grow

by | Feb 20, 2024

Many parents and students alike don’t know where to begin when looking for tutoring. Asking questions like: Do I need tutoring? Is middle school too early? What type of tutoring is there for writing? All of these are important questions to consider when you’re looking into tutoring for your Middle Schooler. One important thing to note is that there are tutors for just about every subject imaginable. This means a writing tutor is available and can help your middle-schooler grow! So let’s dive into the topic of tutors and how a writing tutor is great for you!

Do You Need a Writing Tutor?

Many parents will assume a writing tutor only helps students within the subject of language arts, but that’s not true! The National Center for Biotechnology Information states:

Developmental dysgraphia is a disorder characterized by difficulties in the acquisition of writing/spelling skills despite adequate schooling, visus and normal IQ. It is closely related to developmental dyslexia, a disorder of the acquisition of reading skills, which has been more in the focus of investigation for the past years. As defined by the  and the  dyslexia and dysgraphia can co-exist as well as occur alone. The prevalence for reading and writing impairments is reported to be about 7–17%

This means that about 1 for every 6 students experiences some sort of writing impairment. Meanwhile, writing tutors and specialists are primarily unknown for many families who have this experience with a student. With a writing tutor, the student is able to work through exercises that assist in helping them overcome this hurtle. There are many signs that should be noted that may indicate your child requires a writing tutor. One of the most common signs is a teacher directly contacting you about it. Many teachers understand when a student struggles to write, and for many teachers, it impacts their ability to grade. The teacher at this stage will generally reach out to the parent about getting the child help with developing their writing skills.

How Does a Writing Tutor Help?

A writing tutor will help a student develop strategies and exercises to overcome their struggle with writing. This may be in the form of improving their handwriting or assisting with their ability to craft sentences and use proper grammar. Each student is different, so our tutors meet with our students to understand and develop a plan for the student. This plan is integral for maximizing the allotted time to meet with the tutor. Our writing tutors will establish a connection with the student to make sure they feel comfortable with the tutor.

Writing tutors will also work on developing a students executive function skills. These skills are important to begin developing in middle school and include:

  • Organization
  • Work Ethic
  • Studying
  • Writing Exercises
  • And More!

So while a writing tutor assists with writing they will actually help a student develop almost every facet of their academic life. It’s a great way to get prepared for high school too!

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Why is a Writing Tutor Important?

A writing tutor is essential for any student who is struggling with their writing skills. Whether this be in the form of dysgraphia, or they need assistance with constructing sentences and paragraphs. As the student graduates middle school and moves on to high school, they will be put under more academic pressure. This pressure will require them to understand grammar fundamentals and how to write as many teachers will begin marking down students (grade-wise). High school is also when many students are going to be doing essay/research-based assignments that require a fundamental understanding of essay construction. While these skills are generally taught in middle school, many students struggle with the ability to write essays long into high school. Getting a head start and hiring a writing tutor while in middle school is a great way to be prepared!

If you’re considering hiring a writing tutor for your middle-schooler, we recommend you check out our tutors here at TenneyTutors! Our tutors are all one-to-one, private school teachers at our school: The Tenney School and conduct tutoring sessions 100% remotely. This means you can access your tutor from anywhere in the world and get expert, one-to-one tutoring! If this sounds like something for you, fill out the form for a free, first tutoring session and start seeing progress today!

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