How Much is a Tutor?

by | Nov 23, 2023

As a parent, it can be overwhelming at the choices you have when it comes to tutors. How much is a tutor? Should I do in person or remote tutoring? Does it actually work? These are all valid questions to be asking yourself while considering a tutor for your student. While tutoring prices vary based on the service you use, in general, the more expensive a tutor is, the higher quality the session will be.

For our tutors, we charge $90 per hour session. The reasoning for this is due to all of our tutors being one-to-one private school teachers at our school: The Tenney School. This means that our teachers are specialized in one-to-one instruction and are great for helping students in this more focused setting. Another benefit of our tutoring program is the flexibility of our tutors. Our tutors are available remotely for students all across the country, regardless of the school they’re enrolled in. This means more students are able to experience one-to-one private school tutoring at a lower barrier of entry.

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Is Remote Tutoring Worth It?

While remote tutoring may seem like it’s not as effective as in person, it’s actually not true. Our tutors have experience teaching both in person as well as remotely. This means they are trained in this format to make the most out of the hour session. Our students generally spend the first session going over what they’re currently learning while the teacher begins building a tutoring outline for student success. This means each student’s experience through our tutoring program is different. While some students may focus more on subjects and concepts they struggle with, others will focus on future exams.

The mantra of one student, one teacher carries over into this program and shows results for each different type of student. Whether the student is coming to us with a learning difference, or looking to prepare for college, there’s a program here for you.

Does Tutoring Work?

To answer the question briefly… yes! Now each student learns at a different pace, and may require multiple sessions, we can show you that your student will indeed improve in areas of weakness in their classes. We’d recommend checking out our scheduling page for the list of all subjects available for tutoring for grades 5 – 12. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions either!


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