Is Algebra 2 Hard? | Should You Take it In High School?

by | Oct 30, 2023

Algebra 2 may seem daunting to many students. Even if you consider yourself good at math, you may be asking yourself: is Algebra 2 hard? I want to breakdown what Algebra 2 is, the differences to other math classes, and answer that question all in this article!

What is Algebra 2?

It is a class you can take in high school. Most students will get the option to take it in their junior or senior year of high school. There are 2 classes you are required to take before you can take Algebra 2. These classes are: Algebra 1 and Geometry. Some students may opt to take Algebra 1 early while they’re in 8th grade which means you can actually take Algebra 2 as early as freshman or sophomore year of high school.

The class introduces complex topics such as complex numbers and algorithms. For many students, this will be the first time encountering these principals which may seem daunting to many. outlines the objectives of Algebra 2 as:

At this level, your child’s goals and objectives for Algebra II may be very specific, targeting discrete concepts or skills. Here are some examples of 11th grade Algebra II learning goals and objectives:

  • Evaluate sums, differences, products, and quotients of functions.
  • Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of roots of a quadratic equation.
  • Determine the roots of and factor a polynomial function.
  • Graph rational functions that have only vertical or horizontal asymptotes.
  • Write one-variable radical inequalities to model problems.
  • Solve logarithmic expressions by converting between logarithmic and exponential forms.
  • Compare sine, cosine, and tangent values for angles having the same reference angle.
  • Analyze a function rule or graph to determine transformations of the parent function.

Is the Class Required?

While this varies depending on your state curriculum, only 12 out of the 50 US states require Algebra 2. In Texas Algebra 2 is not required as part of the high school curriculum but is highly recommended. The reason for its recommendation is many colleges and universities will require Algebra 2 credit for admittance. Some schools will accept you if you decided not to take Algebra 2 but will require you to take a remedial class in university to make up for it.

We at TenneyTutors do not recommend skipping Algebra 2 as it’s an important class for high schoolers. Even if you do not plan to attend university after high school, it still provides building blocks for many concepts in the professional world. If you are thinking about going into the STEM field, Algebra 2 is a class that’s required for you to take at some point during your education. Taking it in high school will also provide you with a smaller environment to ask questions and understand concepts. It is a lot harder to get help from a professor as the class will most likely be in the hundreds. This will require you to do a lot more learning in your free time.

Is Algebra 2 Hard?

It really depends on your skills in math. More specifically, if you had difficulties in Algebra 1 we’d recommend getting a tutor early on. You can schedule with one of our tutors here. We’d also recommend getting advice from your counselor as well. They’ll have a good recommendation on what to do while contextualizing your current high school credits. Another thing you can do is discuss your concerns with the Algebra 2 teacher at your school prior to taking it. They may be able to ease your concerns and paint a picture of what to expect while taking the class.

Ultimately asking questions is never a bad idea and you’ve already taken the first step in understanding Algebra 2! It can be scary taking that first step, but if you invest in outside help and tutoring while taking the class, we promise it’s possible to be successful! I hope this article was helpful in answering your question and please reach out if you’d like to schedule tutoring or need further clarification.


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