Is Psychology a Social Science?

by | Sep 11, 2023


Social sciences are a large part of the academic sphere. It includes many different types of sciences and is a great field to look into. Many universities have a dedicated college to social science. Because of this, social sciences are one of the largest fields of study a student can go into. We’re going to define social sciences and answer the question: is psychology a social science?

What is Social Science? defines social science as:

“…the study of people: as individuals, communities and societies; their behaviors and interactions with each other and with their built, technological and natural environments. Social science seeks to understand the evolving human systems across our increasingly complex world and how our planet can be more sustainable managed.”

As evident by the provided definition, social science is a broad, all-encompassing field for a variety of different subjects. It’s an important part of our daily lives and dives deep into understanding human systems. Subjects include: Sociology, Economics, Geography, History, Law, etc. Each one of these subjects dives into the world of sociology at different levels. The approach to problems are taught differently and analyzing different world views are encouraged. This is an extremely popular field for students who wish to understand the world at a deeper level.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviors. This includes both humans and non-humans. Understanding how the mind works and the meaning behind behaviors is an important field. It’s especially important for students who wish to pursue the career in therapy, psychology, counseling, and more. Within a psychology degree, you’ll grasp a deeper emotional understanding through the scientific method. Many psychologists conduct a deep analysis for decision making or behavior related studies. This is especially important with a patient when considering a diagnosis. It’s a growing field, and desired by many different types of businesses outside of academia.

Psychology separates itself into 7 separate schools of thought. These are: Cognitive, Humanistic, Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, and Gestalt Psychology. Each one of these schools of thought focuses on a different aspect of psychology and is equally important to the field. Cognitive psychology primarily focuses on the mental processes made by an individual. Humanistic psychology is the focus on a individual’s free will or thinking. Psychoanalysis studies our unconscious mind and decision making. Behaviorism studies observed behavior in an individual, and finally Gestalt focuses on both the mind and body and interactions between them.

Is Psychology a Social Science?

Psychology is apart of the school of social science. Because it’s the study of behaviors in the world around us, it falls under the definition of social science. Psychologists use different parts and aspects of the scientific method to accomplish their goal, whether that be for analysis or diagnosis. Ultimately the goal of psychology is to better human society through a deeper understanding of mental and cognitive analysis. Mental health is the predominant area for psychology. It’s been discussed that the world is in the midst of a deep mental health crisis. Having psychologists to analyze and combating this crisis is necessary to improve the well-being of our society.

To conclude psychology is indeed a social science. If you’re considering the field of psychology for your future, it’s a great time to start prepping! Getting ahead on your credits and taking AP classes in high school is a great way to get started early. This will lessen your workload in college and make it easier for you to focus on your core studies in psychology. If you’re looking for some extra help on AP classes, you can schedule with our tutors here. It’s also worth looking into some of the other subjects within the field of social science. College is the perfect time to experiment and explore your interests. A lot of these classes will still satisfy requirements that are part of your major’s checklist.

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