What Does a Tutor Do?

by | Nov 27, 2023

What does a tutor do exactly? I’m sure this is a question you have asked yourself, whether as a student or a parent. Tutors have many different specialties. Whether you’re looking for a tutor that specializes in one subject or one that specializes in multiple subjects, there’s one out there for you. Here at TenneyTutors, our tutors specialize in a variety of different subjects and fields. Whether you’re looking for help in 5th grade math, or looking to get ahead in AP environmental science, we have a tutor for you!

Supporting Students is Key

Many students begin tutoring because they are struggling in a subject. A tutor first works with the student to identify areas of weakness. This is key because the tutor needs to first understand why a student is struggling in a subject. Once they’ve identified the reasoning behind the struggle, they’re better able to tutor a student for future success. A role of a tutor isn’t to do the work for the student. The role is to support the student in understanding how to complete the work on their own. This is what separates a good tutor from a bad tutor. In general, this is why tutors can be so specialized in a certain subject. The more a tutor understands a subject, the better they at identifying areas of weakness or misunderstanding from a student.

Math is one of the most common subjects for students approach us for help in. In the larger classroom settings of today’s educational world, students are left more confused during lessons which cascades into them making worse grades. Often times when a student falls behind in a class, it compounds inversely with a decrease in student performance as the year progress. This is due to many upper-level concepts relying on building upon each other. A tutor steps in as a mediator where they can get the student caught up, as well as assisting them in preparation for upcoming tests.

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The TenneyTutors Process

TenneyTutors is unique in that all of our tutors are one-to-one private school teachers at our school: The Tenney School. This means our tutors are highly qualified for the one-to-one format that tutoring employs. In addition, our tutors also give students the opportunity to learn with a private school teacher, which gives them a leg up over a typical tutor. In general, the first session with one of our tutors is spent learning about the student. We discuss what the student’s goals are, what they wish to accomplish, and the subjects they struggle most with. This discussion is integral for our tutors in understanding the student and their weaknesses at school.

Once the discussion has finished, our tutors develop a plan with the student that outlines how they’re going to accomplish the goal(s) the student is setting out with. This can be improving their grades in a class, getting ahead on a subject, preparing for a final exam, etc. Another benefit of TenneyTutors is that our program is entirely remote. This means you can have professional, one-on-one tutoring from the comfort of your own home!

If this sounds like a program for you, I highly recommend checking out our scheduling page for a list of subjects and tutors. We look forward to hearing from you!


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