Should Students Have Homework On the Weekends?

by | Aug 28, 2023

The Homework Crisis

Student’s schedules are more jam packed then ever before. With more pressure on students to take upper level courses such as AP and dual credit classes, homework is consuming more free time of a student’s than ever before. This “crisis” is affecting student mental health across the nation and now more than ever students need a break. That’s why I wanted to discuss why students should not have homework on the weekends.

Time for Relaxation Among Other Things

Students are pressured at a higher level now than in the past. The Washington Post stated in their research:

Having too much homework is certainly part of the problem when it comes to student stress levels. In fact, of the more than 50,000 high school students that Challenge Success surveyed form October 2018 to January 2020, 56 percent of students said that they had too much homework. In that sample, students reporting doing an average of 2.7 hours of homework per weeknight and 3.0 hours on weekends.

If we take this info into account and assume an average day of school is 6 hours long, a student will be spending more than 8.7 hours on school work. This doesn’t even account for extracurricular activities which the majority of students participate in! A high school student simply does not have enough time to disconnect and take a break during the week.

This is why the weekend is so important. Students need to be able to remove themselves from school and school work completely in order to rest. Without doing so, students become burnt out which can lead to a decline academically that eventually snowballs. This can bring about feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety which can only hurt academic progress more. On top of this, many students work as well! Having the weekends available for students to be able to work and relax is a great opportunity to help build up the academic resume!

Another point to note is that it frees up more time for students with religious obligations. Many students feel pressured on the weekend with having to balance time between school and religion which increases levels of stress and depression. Eliminating homework on the weekends frees this time up and allows more students to connect with their religion free from worry about homework and school.

Improvement to College Acceptance Rates

With more available free time, students are encouraged to pursue more extracurriculars, volunteer opportunities, and jobs on the weekends! Many high schoolers will opt out of a job search simply because they feel that they don’t have enough time. With eliminating homework on the weekends, that frees up an extra 3.0 hours on average for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Colleges will look at what you do outside of school while reviewing your application. That’s why it is so important to have a diverse academic resume that shows a student is able to balance school work and a professional life!

That being said, it’s still important to set aside time to study during the weekends if you have a test coming up. Certain events like this are unavoidable, but with lesson planning taking into account that the weekends shouldn’t have homework, students should have an easier time motivating themselves to study!

Breakdown of the Pros and Cons

So lets look at why students should not have homework on the weekends:


  • More relaxation
  • More time for a job
  • Time for religious obligations
  • Increased motivation for studying
  • Increased chances of a competitive academic resume


  • Students may forget things over the weekend
  • Students may get lazy

Overall there’s a number of factors that contribute to an improved student life when eliminating homework on the weekends. Allowing time for relaxation, volunteering, work, and more improves a students life outside of school. While school should always be a student’s priority it’s still important to remember that they need to have fun as well!

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