One-to-One Learning and What We Learn From Tutoring

by | Jan 15, 2024

A traditional classroom environment can be acceptable for many students, but it is rarely the best possible way to learn. At TenneyTutors, we’ve adopted the one-on-one learning model from our private school: The Tenney School. We’ve found many of our students find a higher level of success through this personalized learning option, which works wonders in a tutoring environment!

What Is One-to-One Learning?

Many students learn best when they have their teacher’s undivided attention. This is one of the benefits one-to-one learning brings during a typical tutoring session. This alternative to traditional classes or even small-group learning gives the teacher flexibility to work at the student’s pace. Also, to adjust to best meet their needs.

The pace of teaching in a large classroom needs to be set at a moderate rate that works for as many students as possible. It often means that several students are struggling to keep up or are bored by a pace that is too easy for them at any given time. One-to-one learning draws upon the typical benefits of one-to-one tutoring to create an innovative approach to providing personalized instruction to every student.

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Benefits of One-to-One Learning

One-to-One learning provides a wide range of benefits that mimic the results from individualized tutoring. Here are four common reasons our emphasis on this alternative to traditional classroom learning sets our students up for success!

Personalized Pacing and Increased Capacity to Track Progress

Although teachers do their best to understand how well each student is understanding each topic in a traditional classroom, it is rarely possible to accurately gauge every student’s progress at a high level over time. This can result in missing gaps in understanding until end-of-unit tests. This makes it easier than it needs to be for students to get left behind. With one-to-one learning, a teacher immediately knows whether a student does or does not understand what they are doing. This allows teachers to intervene much earlier and slow down and review the material as needed.

Teachers can also speed up, work ahead, and even provide supplemental material that is not a regular part of a particular course. This is when working one-to-one with a student that has a strong grasp of what they are learning and is ready for further challenge. Even in a tutoring session, the amount of progress a student is able to make is exponentially better than a typical classroom setting.

Fewer Distractions

A traditional classroom is full of distractions that can make it difficult for many students to concentrate on their work. These include other students talking in class or otherwise misbehaving. One-to-One learning eliminates many of these distractions, which can make it significantly easier for students to stay on task.

Increased Engagement

Likewise, bored students in class, struggling with the material they are learning, or simply uninterested in a particular topic often have a more difficult time paying attention in class. In a typical classroom environment, a teacher may only have time to remind these students to pay attention from time to time. The teacher will immediately be able to redirect the student’s attention when their mind begins to wander in a one-to-one learning environment. This option also increases engagement by making the student responsible for contributing to every question instead of occasionally or never raising their hand in a traditional classroom.

Comfortable Environment for Students With Accommodations

Not every environment is able to accommodate each type of student. An environment where the teacher is able to develop a relationship with the student and their teaching style is key. Both in school and in tutoring, we’ve seen that the one-on-one learning style is pivotal in the child’s development when they have accommodations. The teachers and tutors are better able to accommodate the student and the student is ready to learn!

Our personalized tutoring is an excellent option for a wide range of students all across the country. Especially those that are not currently reaching their highest potential in a traditional classroom environment. Choosing our one-on-one learning model may be a good fit for your child. Contact us today to learn more about how our tutoring services can help you!


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