Why Tutoring For High School Students is a Good Investment

by | Feb 15, 2024

When considering tutoring for high school students, there’s a lot of resources and information that make the choice confusing. Students and parents alike often have preconceived notions when looking into tutoring and we want to break these down. The goal of this article is to give you as much information on tutoring for high school students while answering some of the most common questions too! So before we jump into it, let’s first talk about what tutoring is.

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring comes in many different forms and shapes but ultimately it’s goal remains the same. The goal is to help students accomplish their academic goals in any one or more subjects. This can as simple as taking Algebra tutoring or as involved as hiring tutoring for every subject. Tutoring is also present outside of the realm of just the core academic subjects. Many parents and students assume they can only get a tutor for a subject, but that’s entirely untrue! You can actually hire a tutor for almost any type of need! Looking to develop or train with a executive function coach? We have tutors for that! Looking for a college counselor tutor? We have that too! Tutors are a great resource that you can tap into for almost every type of need.

Tutoring can also have many different formats too. A traditional tutoring session involves just the tutor and student, one-to-one. This format is great for students looking to get direct, personalized help with a range of subjects. A downside to this type of session is that it tends to be the most expensive option on this list. If your student works better in groups, it may be worth looking into small group tutoring. This type of tutoring session features 2 – 5 students working with one tutor on a subject or lesson. If you’re looking for a classroom-styled approach to tutoring, you may want to consider a learning center. Learning centers often times, lack the individualization of the previously mentioned methods, but give a wider access to different tutors for the student to learn from.

It’s important to note that each student learns differently, so sit down and discuss with them about which type of tutoring session sounds right for them!

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Why Tutoring Is Worth It In High School

High school is one of the most important times for a student’s academic career. This is when they’ll be deciding their plans after graduation, researching career interests, and experiencing independence for the first time. This time of change is overwhelming for every student, especially their freshman year. That’s where a tutor can come in to help make their classes more approachable and enjoyable. Many students, due to anxiety, will fall behind quickly at the beginning of the year as they are overwhelmed with homework and new classes. Getting ahead of this fallback is key to maintaining good greats and academic habits. Going into the new year with a tutor is well-worth the investment for every type of student, regardless of age or year.

When considering tutoring for high school students, you want to understand what exactly you want from tutoring. Does the student need help catching up on work? Are they confused on a specific lesson or concept? Do they need to prepare for the SAT or ACT? Once you answer the question of what they need, then you can begin looking for tutors. For students looking to better prepare for the SAT or ACT, we recommend looking into test prep your sophomore year (10th grade). If you’re looking for help with organization, we recommend looking into an executive function coach freshman year (9th grade).

Furthermore, when considering tutoring and it’s worth, it’s essential to consider the reasoning for getting the tutoring and planning accordingly. Discussing your goals with your tutor is another great idea as it establishes expectations for both the student and the tutor making the sessions more efficient. Also, don’t be afraid to switch tutors! We understand that not everyone gets along with every tutor and it’s important to find the right tutor for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is tutoring for high school students worth it?

A: Yes! A common misconception with tutoring is that you don’t learn a lot. This is untrue! Furthermore, it’s essential to know why you’re hiring a tutor and discuss it with them accordingly so they can work with you on achieving your academic goals!

Q: What if I don’t like my tutor?

A: We understand everyone has preferences with how they learn and you shouldn’t feel bad about looking into getting a different tutor! A tutor won’t be hurt by this as each one has their own teaching style and method which may work for some and not others.

Q: Is tutoring expensive?

A: Here at TenneyTutors, we make tutoring affordable with our sessions only being $90/hour. For one-on-one tutoring, this is a steal! On top of that, we make all of our sessions refundable, as we understand life can be unpredictable.

Q: Where do my tutoring sessions take place?

A: With TenneyTutors, all of our sessions are taken online, via Microsoft Teams. The reason for this, is that all of our tutors are professional, one-on-one private school teachers at The Tenney School. We wanted to make our teacher’s unique expertise available to everyone across the country, and to do that we made our sessions online.


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